About Dalina

HOLA! As a Registered Dietitian I am on a mission to teach you balance! I want you to start living a life full of good food and healthy habits. With so much information about diets and cleanses constantly being thrown at us through media outlets, it is hard to figure out what to eat, how to eat and how to be healthy. As your dietitian, I want to educate you so you are free of diets and are able to discover a balance that works for YOU!

As your dietitian, I like to keep it REAL! I do not believe in dieting, calorie counting, or strict meal plans. I want to work with you on setting realistic achievable goals that fit with your busy lifestyle.

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ARE You ready to ditch the diet?

Are you ready to live a life where you aren’t counting calories? Where you aren’t trying the latest “diet” craze? Then lets take the steps to get rid of diet culture and learn to have a healthy relationship with food. Lets work together to learn BALANCE!

Philadelphia Nutritionist
Dietitian Philadelphia

Why Dalina

I LOVE white rice! Yup. You read that right! I grew up with it, all the dishes from my childhood are made with it. For me brown rice is not a substitution I am willing to make. And that is how I approach nutrition. I will never ask you to restrict. I will listen and tailor my recommendations to your lifestyle. You are an individual and you deserve a plan specifically for YOU!







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