Learn Balance


With so much information about diets and cleanses constantly being thrown at us through media outlets,  it is hard to figure out what to eat, how to eat and just how to be healthy. By now we all know there are no magic cleanses or pills that can make you lose weight.  Let me help you navigate through the media and the fads and work together to change your nutrition habits and help you get on the right track. As a dietitian I do not believe in dieting, calorie counting or strict meal plans. I want to work with you on setting realistic achievable goals that fit with your busy lifestyle.

Hablo Español! 

We accept health insurance for  up to 6 visits a year, FSA & HSA cards!

During each session you can expect setting nutrition goals tailored to you and your personal needs, also receive a meal plan! Let me help you become the HEALTHIEST version of YOU!