Testimonial 1

‘Dalina is incredible to work with. She is personable, welcoming, and very knowledgeable. She takes the time to get to know you, your needs, and your goals so that she can make the best suggestions that are the most sustainable. There have been times when I have come to her with specific questions and there have been times that we have just talked about what I ate throughout the week and how it made me feel. Nevertheless, I have left every session feeling empowered to be mindful (not restrictive) of my nutritional intake.’


Dalina is a personable, dedicated person who really goes above and beyond to help her clients develop a healthy relationship with food, and banish the diet rhetoric we're bombarded with. I decided to work with Dalina because I was tired of working with professionals who basically tell you to live off air; modifying culturally specific meals into "healthier" versions instead of trying to educate their clients on how to be able to enjoy their childhood meals in moderation and on occasion. Being 2 states away has not impacted my experience in the least if anything, Dalina makes herself so accessible. I feel better and am less stressed about what I'm eating just a month into working together.

Testimonial 5

"Knowing the right path the wrangling your food choices is challenging.  Working with Dalina Soto, a caring kind and encouraging professional makes the path to great food choices healthy meals and confidence in achieving your goals a reality. I have been her client for three years. My health, vitality, confidence in my meal planning…

Testimonial 4

I got recommended to Dalina by someone in a running group. I was nervous being in Michigan and having to rely on technology for something like nutrition. I truly wasn’t sure if it could work. As soon as I met Dalina I knew she was the perfect Registered Dietitian for me. She is constantly working to make sure we are on the same page and that we are meeting my goals. Dalina has been guiding me on changing my relationship to food from a negative, diet centric one. I am working toward a positive relationship full of enjoyment and balance; which is something I never imagined I could get.  I highly recommend Dalina to anyone looking for a compassionate guide to nutrition. She is full of common sense, diet free knowledge.