4 Fad Diets & Why (Surprise...) They Don't Work!

And ultimately, by restricting food groups, we tend to crave them more.
— Dalina Soto
Is your diet keeping you from enjoying cake at your child’s birthday party? Is restriction worth it?

Is your diet keeping you from enjoying cake at your child’s birthday party? Is restriction worth it?

Summarized by Maria Terry

Article written by Dalina Soto

Sugar detox. Gluten-free. Vegan after 6pm. Intermittent Fasting. Keto. What do these all have in common, besides driving your non-diet dietitian insane?

Restriction. Fad diets get trendy and eventually fade off until another trend catches our attention. Why? Because restricting food groups, nutrients, and time frames simply isn’t a sustainable lifestyle practice. For those who medically require a diet (e.g. ketogenic diet in children with seizure disorders, carb counting in Type 1 diabetes to correspond with adequate insulin units), restriction can be life-saving. But for people who aren’t facing medical requirements to diet, I will break down the WHY behind the failures of fad diets.

Check out Dalina’s latest Healthline article analyzing 4 popular diets (gluten-free, low carb, keto, and paleo) and how they fall short when it comes to attaining sustainable lifestyle practices and achieving weight-loss, if that is your goal.

Personally, I recommend considering how restriction affects you mentally and physically and inevitably leads to obsessing over food and binging, followed by guilt. Let’s lose that weight - the weight of not being enough and needing to diet - and find a healthy relationship with our food.

Why Healthy Eating Shouldn’t Depend on Your Address

What’s the dirt on “clean eating?” The trendy phrase that has gained popularity, spurring many people into a ‘lifestyle change’ that adopts less processed, more organic, and ‘clean’ foods. This is generally okay and may encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet. That’s awesome!

But… unfortunately, there are some complicated impacts of this trend that warrant a serious conversation. The expectations for clean eating may be impossible to achieve for families who struggle to afford groceries - and that’s a lot of people in our country! When it comes down to it, many of my clients in lower socioeconomic communities tell me they’ll skip over produce if they can’t buy organic… because it’s not ‘clean’ or healthy. This begs me to ask: Is there something dirty about clean eating?

I am THRILLED I could share more about this with you. Learn more in my article posted on Healthline HERE! Leave your comments so we can continue the conversation.