Why Going Healthy Doesn't Mean Leaving Your Culture Behind

Cooking with fat makes food delicious. Uniquely, our cultures often using fats and methods of cooking that make our food particularly tasty in a way that defines the cuisine. Buttermilk fried chicken, your grandmother’s pound cake that calls for two sticks of butter, the sheen of plantains perfectly fried - do we need to ditch these cultural and family staples in pursuit of good health?

In my latest Healthline article, I dive deep to answer this question and provide a method for you to prioritize your culture while still honoring a heart-healthy approach to cooking and eating. It’s easy for a health professional to say, “stop cooking with butter and use olive oil.” But it completely ignores the culture of culinary practices! Culture is a multi-faceted and complex element of our identity. In my practice, I believe there is a way to eat healthy and still honor culture, respect identity, and maintain flavorful food.

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