Why work with a
Registered Dietitian?

Spanish Speaking Registered Dietitian

As a registered dietitian I believe "all foods fit" into a healthy lifestyle of moderation and movement.

I strive for you to develop long-lasting, healthy choices with the foods you have always loved. As a mother of two I understand that life can be chaotic; food and nutrition can be overwhelming. I am here to take the stress away from food so you can nourish yourself and your family.. 

Working with a RD provides you with education on how to eat to live a long, healthy life. By learning the best way for your unique body to eat, you can prevent chronic diseases or improve your management of symptoms from chronic diseases. Nutrition plays an essential role in how diseases work. Learn how food can help you manage symptoms and feel better. 

Why Dalina? 

Growing up in a Dominican family, food is a major part of life.  Plantains, rice, beans, yuca, pork, chicken, and all the other delicious island foods were staples in my family's diets. My mom stayed at home, and we ate rice and beans every single day.  Not only am I one of few bilingual dietitians in Philadelphia, I can also teach you how to eat healthy within your own  cuisine. 

Though I started my college career as a Pre-Med student at Penn State University,  my first nutrition course showed me that I wanted to be on the preventative side of health. I knew that people did not have to stop eating the foods they loved in order to be "healthy." After this class, I fell in love with nutrition and knew then and there that this was my passion. I graduated from PennState University with a Bachelors Degree in Nutritional Sciences. I then went on to Immaculata University to complete my Dietetic Internship and Masters Degree in Nutrition Education.

I love nutrition because, frankly, I LOVE food! Food is meant to nourish us and give us energy. And, on an even deeper level, our daily activities, special occasions, celebrations, and more revolve around food. Food should be an enjoyable part of our lives (yet it can still be so stressful!). I am a firm believer that we should not deprive ourselves of specific foods or nutrients, but instead incorporate the foods we love into our daily lives with moderation and awareness.

As your dietitian, my goal is for you to never diet again! 

I know firsthand how managing a family, working, and having a social life can be exhausting. What time is there left in the day to plan, meal prep, cook, and clean the kitchen? I know this feeling well, and consequently I am very honest with my approach to nutrition. In every session with me, I trust that you will leave with a tool you can use to reach an achievable goal. 


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