Amiga, are you ready to live a life free of food rules?

join my 1:1 Coaching program

Are you tired of all the wellness trends that make you feel like you are not enough?

Do you just want to eat and enjoy the foods you grew up eating? Are you ready to live a live free of food rules and guilt? Are you ready to eat white rice again?

Do you ever think?

“I just want to eat without being afraid to gain weight.”

“I want to stop feeling like I cannot eat the foods I grew up eating”

“I want to stop being afraid of the scale and BMI”

“I want to be happy and feel confident in my body, but I’m scared of what will happen if I let myself eat.”

“I want to enjoy my abuela’s recipes without guilt”

“I want peace of mind when it comes to cooking and recipes that are not bland!”

Let me help YOU find food peace and body acceptance!


This program is for amigas that want to:

  • Are tired of diets that do not take your culture into consideration

  • Do not want to count calories and restrict

  • Want to be able to eat their mama’s homemade dishes without guilt.

  • Want to find recipes that taste good and plan meals that do not involve hours in the kitchen

  • Want to feel accepted in their body no matter the BMI


12 week program

  • 1 hour bi-weekly video calls

  • Personalized goal setting tailored to YOU

  • 3 month EatLove Menu & Grocery List Subscription

  • Support and accountability. You are able to message me between session. I never want you to feel alone or lost.

I got recommended to Dalina by someone in a running group. I was nervous being in Michigan and having to rely on technology for something like nutrition. I truly wasn’t sure if it could work. As soon as I met Dalina I knew she was the perfect Registered Dietitian for me. She is constantly working to make sure we are on the same page and that we are meeting my goals. Dalina has been guiding me on changing my relationship to food from a negative, diet centric one. I am working toward a positive relationship full of enjoyment and balance; which is something I never imagined I could get. I highly recommend Dalina to anyone looking for a compassionate guide to nutrition. She is full of common sense, diet free knowledge.
Dietitian of color

Why work with me

I grew up in a Hispanic household, I know exactly how food is part of your everyday life. I spoke Spanish every day and still do! I am one of the few Spanish Speaking Registered Dietitians around the country, my goal is for you never to lose your cultural identity.